A Successful Outcome Of The Surgery Depends On The Severity Of Damage To The Retinal Tissue.

Blood vessels are like tubes with the blood flowing smoothly through them. A diagnosis of stroke increased the hazard of CRPO by 44 percent. Hispanics had the highest risk of RVO 6.9 per 1,000, followed by Asians 5.7, blacks 3.9 and whites 3.7. The corneal layers show enema and striae. Local social services should also be able to offer you information on staying safe in your home and getting out and about safely. Ophthalmology. 2012 July 17. The macula, responsible for your central vision, is attached to the vitreous gel that makes up the canter of the eye. A successful outcome of the surgery depends on the severity of damage to the retinal tissue.

People more likely to be affected are older and have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. Laser treatments sometimes produce dramatic improvements in vision in people with small branch vein occlusions. Laser parameters should be about 500-µm size, 0.1-0.2 second duration, and power should be sufficient to give medium white burns. Unfortunately, conversion to the ischemic type is common.

Retinal vascular occlusion

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